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Frequently Asked Questions



How much will my kitchen cabinets cost?

Every project we create is custom, and therefore each has a unique price dependent on the materials, features, services provided, etc. However, most of our residential kitchen builds average between $6,000 and $15,000. At the same time, we always want to work with you to find a kitchen that fits your style and budget

What kind of cabinet construction do you provide?

All our cabinets are frame less, or European style boxes. We chose this type for multiple reasons:

  • It decreases your lead time

  • It decreases materials and labor (and thus, overall cost)

  • It is capable of achieving the same traditional look as Framed cabinets, but also can look very modern

  • It allows for an overall larger cabinet opening

  • Every cabinet has to be perfectly square (you can’t hide bad craftsmanship)

For the visual learners, here is a picture showing the difference between the two.

What is your average lead time?

We typically will have your cabinets to you very quickly - between 2-4 weeks

What door options do you provide?

Here are several door style that we typically provide. However, we generally can match most any door.

Can I have just the cabinets and not any of the extras?

Of course! All our standard services are included as “List Items” in case you’d like to leave anything off. Our standard services are painting, delivery, and installation.

will you all restore my cabinets or furniture?

While we are capable of restoring cabinets and other woodwork, we choose not to. It is better in our eyes to masters of one trade than jacks of several.

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